Arts and Exhibitions

Arts & exhibitions

Most business owners who manufacture a unique product decide at some point on the need for an overseas expansion into new markets. Despite the rise of the digital age, one of the best methods for advertising your business or new product is by presenting it in relevant international expo’s and conventions. In such cases there is little to no room for errors so it is important to plan and go over all possible scenarios so that you and your products will arrive at the show on time.

Another thing is shipping art items, whether they are for exhibitions or just personal items.
In both cases, these are usually expensive items of very high financial or emotional value.


We at PDC do the hard work for  you and go into all the details and fine print starting from appropriate packaging, accurate booking, handling all bureaucratic issues in advance at the destination country, choosing the correct maritime insurance policy and of course releasing goods from customs and delivering to the final destination on time and within the budget.

Exhibition and art shipment services are an art by itself and requires a great deal of experience and proper attention to every little detail and we at PDC do just that.

Our services include:

  • Accompanying and advising on the pre-decision process for going to an exhibition together with performing an estimated total costs simulation.
  • Storage services for all time ranges.
  • Assistance in preparing all required paperwork along with issuing required approvals.
  • Choosing the right packaging along with choosing the best insurance policy.
  • All means of transportation available – sea, air & land.
  • Close monitoring from the moment the goods are collected to final delivery at the destination country.
  • Building / dismantling of booths at the exhibition.
  • Consulting on ATA Carnet registers, flights, hotels, local transportation, marketing materials, local connections and more.


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