Customs clearance

Customs clearance
There are three main points to talk about when referring to Customs Clearance (or Customs Brokerage): Handling of commercial paperwork, bureaucracy/special permits and payments to the various state authorities for purchase tax, import duties & VAT when importing into the country (usually no customs or VAT payment when exporting from most countries of the world).
PDC has set itself an operational goal to lower the level of complexity of the customs clearance procedures for its customers and offers hand-in-hand guidance throughout the process. Whether it is importing, exporting or issuing various government approvals required to deliver the goods – we have the complete too 
The main purpose of the customs clearance service is to enter your merchandise’s information into the customs electronical system. This is done on your behalf by your customs broker and is verified by a government appoint broker.

Our services include:

  • Customs clearance – import/export
  • Consulting and clearance services all over the world
  • Harmonized system correct classifications
  • Issuing special import/export permits from various government agencies: Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Economics, Standards Institute, Wine Institute, Communications Ministry and more.


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