Dangerous goods

Dangerous goods

PDC is engaged in shipping hazardous materials for its customers while meeting all the legal requirements presented by airlines, shipping and land carriers around the world. The professional abbreviation for dangerous goods in the industry is “DG” or “DGR”. Some of the more complicated shipments require special permits from various government authorities domestically & globally.

A good example for a special permit is when a customer needs to ship LI-ION batteries prototypes by air. This means the batteries have not passed the final UN testing, so a very special handling is needed in order to receive permission to fly them out. 

The main international treaties relating to DG are:

ADR  – EU Agreement about the International carriage of Dangerous goods by Road
IMDG CODE – concerning the transportation of DG by sea
ICAO – concerning the transportation of DG by air
US 49CFR – concerning the transportation of DG by land inside the US

Our services include:

  • Consultation and preparation of the shipper’s DG declaration for ocean transport.
  • DG container stuffing inspection service for ocean shipping.
  • Consultation and preparation of the shipper’s DG declaration for air transport.
  • Consultation and guidance regarding preparation of DG shipments.
  • Consultation regarding SDS’s (safety data sheet) for chemicals, gases and liquids for international transportation.

Here at PDC we consider the total package of complexities & challenges that exists in every DG shipment while offering customized solutions, cost savings, personal support, compliance and meeting the customer’s schedules. 

The services we provide are adding value to any company by doing each job efficiently, responsibly and according to all legal requirements. Each DG shipment is examined based on the SDS provided by the customer. The SDS sheet should be provided by the manufacturer / distributer of the chemical substance and in some cases, it needs to be prepared by the shipper.

The work process of shipping DG products includes preparing a detailed summary with all the items that needs to be shipped, examining the SDS, classifying the cargo based on the relevant treaty/transport method and deciding on the most effective way to ship.


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