Third-party shipping, also known as Drop Shipping, is a method of shipping goods where the manufacturer does not keep goods in stock, but transfers customer orders and raw materials directly from overseas manufacturers to customers / suppliers from other countries.

We can name Apple whose offices are in the United States, its factories are in China and its customers are scattered around the world. When Apple ships devices to Europe for example, they don’t ship from China to the US and then to Europe (this is an economic waste of unnecessary shipping) but sends directly from its supplier in China to the EU.

This method of shipping is usually more expensive then importing or exporting because most customers do not have enough purchasing power or leverage at the countries of origin. Overall it is still more efficient to drop-ship than to send to the customer’s country and from there another shipment to the final destination country.

PDC‘s logistics services also include quality handling of third-party shipments, which as explained above, are shipments between different countries that do not pass through the customer’s country physically.

The shipments are handled from the order execution stage (sometimes before) all the way to final delivery at the destination with the presentation of a signed delivery proof confirming the customer received the cargo in full. 

Drop-shipping usually involves a more complicated operation than import or export. All the standard elements of “regular” shipping exist but the legal restrictions are even more complex as these are different laws and regulations of import / export for two different countries that are not the customer’s home country.


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