Fashion & Textiles

Fashion & Textiles

PDC specializes in providing service and solutions for shipping fashion and textile products ranging from raw materials, fabrics and accessories to finished goods products directly to the shop’s shelf. When constraints and demands change radically from season to season, the market becomes very competitive and is constantly evolving according to the new fashion demands.

We know how to make the process of delivering textile and fashion items worldwide simple and easy for our customers. Our services include packaging design, security stickers, security procedures for packing and unpacking equipment including proper documentation for insurance, taxation and import legality worldwide and more.

Our services include:

  • Ocean/Air/Land transportation of fabrics & fashion products globally
  • Inland delivery from port to factory, port to port, port to warehouse/shelf and more
  • Supply chain consolidation services
  • Shipping with designated fashion packages
  • E-Commerce selling logistics solutions
  • Implementation of most up-to-date shipping and logistics practices


What sets us apart?

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