Logistics consulting

Logistics consulting 

The origin of the term “logistics” comes from the Latin word “logos”, which stands for logic and relations. Throughout history, the field has evolved as an integral part of the needs of world armies to provide efficient equipment, food and drinks to their fighters, even in situations where supply lines have become very distant.

Lot of water has passed under the bridge since and the field of logistics today is widely used in all areas of modern life, even if not always noticed. A famous phrase says, “Good logistics is quiet logistics”. Its all about managing the flow of information from point A to point B in order to meet the demands of clients, suppliers, manufacturer, companies, armies, etc.

At PDC we understand the tremendous importance of logistics on your business’s health and offer a variety of customized services to provide industrial peace, process improvement and cost reductions.

Whether it is cost savings by more correct production / supply chain planning, whether by finding more efficient routes to transport the equipment or by better managing the information in the organization by examining the existing work methods and building various enhancement mechanisms.

  • Examination and creating improved work processes: Shipping, Warehousing & Inventory, Supply Chain Management, Dangerous Goods, Packaging, Cargo Insurance and more. Starting a from the characterization stage and up to creating the technical documents of how to crate and follow processes in the right way.

  • Accompanying the procurement process directly with overseas suppliers: walking hand-in-hand with the customer directly to the overseas manufacturers and assisting in the completion of transactions while selecting the best terms of sale.

  • Documentation & and creating document format sets: when trading in the international market, you need to prepare/check different documents in order to move your products through the world’s customs authorities smoothly. PDC offers paperwork preparation, monitoring and documentation services.


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