Relocation & personal effects

Relocation and personal effects

At PDC we operate all types of shipments including relocation to a foreign country, doing Aliyah to Israel with all your households, importing cars or just shipping your old piano to your cousin in Sydney. Let us worry for you.

The shipping world can be divided into 2:

Commercial shipments – trading between commercial companies

Personal effects shipments – transferring equipment between two private people.

When you’re shipping equipment that belongs to you as a private person, the international customs rules applying to them are different then those applying to commercial shipments.

For example, there is a law in Israel that says if you’re shipment’s value including the shipping fee is less than 75 USD combined, you are completely exempted from import duties and VAT. That is not the case with commercial shipments where you pay duties/VAT from the first $.

Operationally there isn’t much difference between commercial shipments to personal effects shipments. Your equipment is being inserted to the same container and is sailing on the same vessel just like a commercial shipment. However, the procedures, documentation and bureaucracy are not the same.

Relocation can happen “in reverse”, meaning when you need to return your equipment back to Israel. Also, when your making Aliyah as mentioned above, and need to pack and import your house belongings to the holy land (not just). In case of newcomers and returning citizens, there are significant customs exempts and it is recommended to consult with us at the beginning of the process to get the correct information.

The Relocation process (from Israel abroad):

  1. A PDC professional surveyor will arrive to your house to conduct a volume review. This means to go over the entire property with you & write down which items are planned to be shipped, its size, how much weight/volume do you have in total, access to the house, floor or level number etc. This is done to understand which packing team is required for the job and to price the shipment accurately.
  2. Approving the quotation sent according to the property’s volume and destination country. The shipping prices to each country change according to supply & demand just like booking a flight ticket. There is an option to add insurance to cover the entire process/shipment (always recommended).
  3. Packaging the house by a trained professional packing team after choosing the desired move/packing day. The team will arrive and pack all the items you need to ship abroad while preparing a detailed packing list which mentions exactly what was packed and to which cardboard box (all numbered & labeled). Most items will be placed in cardboard boxes while some equipment will need to be packed into wooden crates which will be built in advance, prior to the packing day. At the end of the process you will be asked to sign the packing list confirming the total number of boxes is correct.
  4.  After packaging is finished our team will install a customs seal on the container near your house & collect the shipment straight to the port.
  5. Export customs clearance process and loading the container to the boat – done by us by direct communication with the shipping company.
  6. Start of process with the receiving party abroad – if you are accepting the cargo yourselves overseas our agent will contact you directly and pass you all the required documents for successfully importing the container to the destination country.
  7. Arrival of the goods to the destination port, payment of duties and taxes (if applicable, based on destination country and type of goods), customs clearance & inland transportation to the final destination.
  8. Once the container physically arrives, you will be present when our unloading team will open the original customs seal and go over the contents to see all boxes arrived.
  9. Our team will unpack the container and will start placing all the items in your house as per your instructions. All you have to do is choose what to place & where in your new house across the ocean.

* It is possible to send personal belongings and household effects by air as well. Air shipping will usually be more expensive then sea shipping.

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