Special projects

Special projects

PDC carries extensive experience in handling complicated logistics projects. Our team of experts possess multiple years of experience and can provide logistics solutions to the most complex issues. The department’s focus is on the oil and natural gas drilling industry, refineries and renewable energy in the water and solar fields.

Our clients receive support and guidance starting from the project planning stage and earn valuable insights and suggestions gained by PDC over the years. The processes include preparation & validation of documents, handling with authorities, security and safety coordination’s, transport by air, land and sea, special approvals, monitoring, tracking and reporting, financial/logistics planning which includes consideration to currency exchange rates and more.

Our services include:

Transporting Out of Gauge (OOG) cargos in terms of type, value, size, complexity in terms of authorities, etc.

Charter services of ships, aircraft and trains

Back Office and on-site support from customer’s site

Special storage services (Dangerous goods, bulk and weight, bonded)


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